My Scholarship.

Reproductive Citizens: Gender, Immigration, and the State in France, 1914-1945 (under contract with Cornell University Press) 

Practiced Citizenship: Women, Gender, and the State in Modern France (co-editor with Richard Hopkins) (University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, 2019).

Book chapters
“French Feminismsin David Andress, ed., A Handbook of French History, Routledge (manuscript in progress)

Introduction and Chapter 9, “Gender, Immigration, and Social Citizenship” in Barton and Hopkins, eds., Practiced Citizenship: Women, Gender, and the State in Modern France (University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, 2019).

“Work and Migration in the West, 1920-Present” in Daniel Walkowitz, ed., A Cultural History of Work in the Modern Age (co-author with Andrew Hazelton), (Bloomsbury Press: London, 2018).

Peer-Reviewed Articles
“‘Chained Women’: Immigrant Women, Jewish Law and Anti-desertion Legislation in Third Republic France,” (manuscript in progress)

“La Juridiction sociale de la concierge: Genre, routine, et la temporalité féminine dans Paris populaire, 1900-1940” (manuscript in progress)

 “Down and Out in Immigrant Paris: Gender, Employment, and Housing Structures in Interwar Paris,” French Historical Studies (revise and resubmit)

“‘French or Foreign, So Long as They Be Mothers’: Immigrant Women, Pronatalism, and the Politics of Welfare in Interwar Paris,” Journal of Women’s History 28, 4 (Winter 2016): 65-88.  (WINNERBi-Annual Graduate Student Article Prize from the Journal of Women’s History)

“Marrying Into the Nation: Immigrant Bachelors, French Bureaucrats and the Conjugal Politics of Naturalization During the Third Republic,” French Politics, Culture and Society (Winter 2016): 23-43.

Book Reviews
“The Colonial Legacy in France: Fracture, Rupture, and Apartheid edited by Nicolas Bancel, Pascale Blanchard, Dominic Thomas,” H-France 18, 136 (July 2018).

“L’Immigration ou les paradoxes de l’altérité, Vol. 3: La Fabrication des identités culturelles by Abdelmalek Sayad,” French Politics, Culture and Society: Between France and Algeria: The Social History of Algerians in the Twentieth Century 34, 2 (fall 2016): 142-146.

Other Publications
“Finding Your Scholarly Voice: A Lesson Plan for Writing Instructors” in Amanda Irwin Wilkins and Keith Shaw, eds., The Pocket Instructor: Writing (forthcoming with Princeton University Press)

“On Students, Diversity, and Mentorship,” H-France Salon, Special Issue: Structural Racism (forthcoming, 2019)

Reviewer, Scholarly Journals
Gender and History
French History

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