Helping outsiders make history.

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I am a mentor, a teacher, and a scholar-activist. In everything I do, I am driven by the same simple set of questions: what makes some of us insiders and the rest of us outsiders? Who decides? And why?

As a scholar, I first grappled with these questions by exploring the role of gender and sexuality in migration and citizenship processes in modern France. But more than a decade of studying, teaching, and working in higher education contexts opened my eyes wide to asymmetries of power within institutions that continue to mark some out for exclusion. Moreover, as a higher ed and now secondary education administrator, I have experienced first-hand the growing need for difficult conversations on school campuses about how privilege perpetuates hierarchy and exclusion.  

As a diversity practitioner, I aim to work collaboratively with individuals who wish to transform their home institutions into inclusive spaces for all students, staff, faculty, and campus community members. I undertake this work as an extension of my own personal mission to face each day with honesty, openness, fairness, and compassion.

About Me

I work at the intersection of education, administration, and social justice.

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My Services

I provide consulting services to higher education and secondary education institutions seeking to create more inclusive campus cultures.

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My Scholarship

I explore the role of gender and sexuality in migration and citizenship processes.

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On my bookshelf

What I'm reading this September…

This October, I’m mixing in more podcasts into my commute, including 1619, Code Switch, and Scene on Radio’s “Seeing White” series. A recent episode on the Dakota War of 1862 also inspires this month’s audiobook selection: Dee Brown’s classic Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West.

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Redacted: Notes on Higher Education


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